In a time of heightened political and social awareness, we have taken a step back to reevaluate our role in the community. In accordance with this, we have updated the Hartford Fashion Week mission as follows:

We believe in the integral role that art and culture play in growing and sustaining a flourishing city and we are poised to be an unforgiving defender of the arts. Fashion is an art form and a tool for artistic expression and communication. We strive to use fashion as commentary on the cultural, political, and social issues of our time. Our specific goals are to:

  • Elevate the quality and quantity of contemporary fashion and art in Hartford and surrounding areas
  • Educate viewers about contemporary fashion’s place in art history
  • Encourage critical thinking and conversation spawned by viewing fashion, art, and artist statements
  • Resist the pressures of fast fashion by placing quality and personal style over highly disposable trends
  • Encourage the community to reconsider the way we look at, talk about, and wear clothing. For example, supporting individuals choosing to dress using fashion as a form of self-expression.

By highlighting artists, designers, and events which place fashion at the apex of contemporary culture, we aim to begin the dialogue necessary to achieve these goals. We believe in the power of using fashion, clothing, and textile design as a medium for expressive communication and a starting point for conversations paramount to a thriving community.

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