While becoming ever increasingly disappointed in red carpets (most recently the Golden Globes) I started compiling a list of potential reasons why. The first, and most obvious is that stars are afraid to end up on the dreaded “worst dressed” list by the fashion police the following morning. As if playing if safe to end up in the middle batch that is the mediocre dressed is better than taking a risk that may land you on either end of the spectrum.

After looking through sets of pictures from multiple red carpets, I came to one huge realization. All the pictures from these red carpets events are the same cycling set of headline grabbing celebrities. The only pictures that make the albums we no-invite fashion lovers get to see are the ones of what the hottest celebrities of the moment are wearing. As a culture do we care about celebrities at such an amount that it trumps every other topic? If we are really talking about fashion shouldn’t we be showing the single most interesting pieces that walked down the red carpet with no regard of their host body’s celebrity level? Are we really talking about fashion or are we talking about who wore what?

Then I stumbled upon this gem mixed into everyone and their mother’s political opinion in my Facebook feed. It hit me hard that this celebrity obsession is tunnel visioning every aspect of our lives. The apparent vast amount of different music represented here that was popular 20 years ago doesn’t happen anymore either. Each radio station has their favorite artists that they loop in every fifth song or so, and when that artist comes out with a new song they play it until you cannot even stand to hear it any longer. Does this allow anyone to be a well rounded music lover or just perpetuate the one sound we already love?

What are we missing out on when we hyperfocus on celebrities? Apparently, a lot.